Direct Dock Interface

for the HP 4062 Test System or
the HP 4085 Switch Matrix

Low-Leakage Interface

low current and 1,000 Volts

High Performance Probe Cards

for Agilent 4070 series test systems

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The White Eagle Consulting direct dock interface can help you upgrade your test floor of HP 4062s to new Agilent 4070 series test systems. With our direct dock interface and our combo probe card, you can easily and incrementally upgrade your test systems.

The upgrade path:

  1. Install the White Eagle Consulting direct dock interface (WEC-04085) on your HP 4062 test systems and modernize your existing test systems with minimal capital investment.
  2. As you need to, replace your HP 4062s with Agilent 4070 series test systems. Since our combo probe card (WEC-2002-1) supports both the 4070 and modified 4062s, you can support your mixed test floor with only one probe card style.
  3. When you complete your migration to the 4070, you can continue to use our combo probe cards or choose a 4070-specific probe card.

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