Direct Dock Interface

for the HP 4062 Test System or
the HP 4085 Switch Matrix

Low-Leakage Interface

low current and 1,000 Volts

High Performance Probe Cards

for Agilent 4070 series test systems

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The Direct Dock Interface

The WEC-04085 direct dock interface is a spring-probe based interface that eliminates the primary source of parasitics on an HP 4062 test system. With our direct dock interface, your old HP 4062 becomes a modern and viable test system for characterizing low current and low capacitance devices.

Our direct dock interface:

Product Comparison
HP 4062UX from datasheet20 fA-
HP 4062 with typical bird cage3000-6000 fA2500-4500 fF-
HP 4062 with WEC-0408580 fA500 fFStarting at 16K
Agilent 4072 from datasheet 10 fAStarting at 270K

In addition to being a low cost alternative to buying a new test system, the White Eagle Consulting direct dock interface is also an excellent solution for companies who want a migration path to an Agilent 4070 test system. Our direct dock interface uses a high performance probe card that is compatible with 4070 series test systems.

Buying the White Eagle Consulting Direct Dock Interface

Each purchase of a White Eagle Consulting direct dock interface includes:

The direct dock interface starts at $16K.
If your company is located in Silicon Valley, installation may be included in the price.

Call us for more details: 1-650-325-9142
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