Consulting Services
Test Systems Integration

complete and partial
integration packages

Test Software Development

for HP-UNIX &
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Test Hardware Development

fixtures, interfaces
and probe cards

Miscellaneous Services

communications diagnostics
and training

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White Eagle Consulting offers custom hardware and software development as well as straight consulting services. We frequently work with issues involving low current and low capacitance characterization, low-leakage applications, high voltage applications, and other aspects of DC parametrics. We frequently operate under non-disclosure agreements.

Test Systems Integration:

White Eagle Consulting has worked on a wide variety of diverse test systems integration projects. We work with all instruments and probers, and commonly integrate combinations of devices that are not typically used with one another. More information.

Test Software Development:

We build software that is customer-driven and customer-focused. Our custom-built software is designed specifically to optimize your processes and your time. More information.

Test Hardware Development:

We can design and build the interfaces and probe cards that you need but that aren't available as mass-produced products. More information.

For more information regarding our consulting services
please call us at: +1-650-325-9142

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