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White Eagle Consulting provides a complete test systems integration package. Given your needs, we will create a test system, integrating any instruments, probers and computers. We will design any probe cards, interfaces, fixtures, and software necessary to effectively and efficiently test your devices. We work with you through all major steps of a test systems integration project: from creating the specification, choosing an appropriate prober and appropriate instruments (if not already determined), to shaping the user interface of any custom software to fit your application and your operators, and to installation, optimization, training and support. All our systems are built specifically for the client, and are unique to the client.

We work with all major prober and tester vendors. We frequently work on "first-of-its-kind" integration projects--projects that test difficult-to-characterize devices or that use instrument combinations that have not been tried before.

We have specialized knowledge in building systems optimized for characterizing low current, low capacitance, high voltage and high current. We have developed systems that are:

Note: while we work with high voltage systems as well as with high current systems, we choose not to work with systems requiring both high voltage and high current.

Our test systems integration packages commonly include custom-designed hardware solutions as well as custom-designed software programs.

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