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The strength of our software is its direct relevance to your specific needs. A custom-built solution can streamline and optimize your test process to an extent not possible if you use a prepackaged test environment. We build software solutions for both research and development applications as well as manufacturing applications, and our software accounts for the process differences between these two environments. Our software is designed to maximize its speed, accuracy and ease-of-use:

Upon project completion, we provide you with all the source code to your software along with full rights to edit and modify the software.

All the features in our software are dependent upon your specific needs and requirements. A software package typically involves some or all of the following components:

Technical Framework:

User Interface:

Data Output and Reporting:

Additionally, we provide as needed the following features: post-test binning, pass/fail algorithms, wafermaps, cassette maps, statistical analysis of multiple data passes, fault determination and display, post-wafer-inking, and security access levels. We are continuously providing new features to our customers.

Depending upon the desired platform and the software's intended use, we program in HP-Basic, Microsoft Visual Basic, or C/C++.

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