Consulting Services
Test Systems Integration

complete and partial
integration packages

Test Software Development

for HP-UNIX &
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Test Hardware Development

fixtures, interfaces
and probe cards

Miscellaneous Services

communications diagnostics
and training

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Communications Diagnostics

We offer GPIB, TTL, and RS232 communications diagnostics between any tester and ElectroGlas, TEL and TSK probers. If your devices are not communicating properly, you may be experiencing some of the following symptoms: out-of-sync routines (e.g. measurements occur when chuck is not in contact), loss of data, and the prober and/or the tester locking up and requiring a power reset. These problems are commonly a result of imperfectly created software drivers. We can diagnose and fix these problems as well as others you may be having with your communications.


We offer training in applications and theory for various HP, Agilent and Keithley instruments, including the HP4284/4285, HP4062, and Agilent 4156. We also offer training in HPIB and other areas of knowledge relating to the semiconductor test industry. Contact us for full details.

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